Feeding Redworms

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Subject: Earthworms

Jim: My white worms are doing just fine. I am also keeping some earthworms inside for my garter snake. Do you know what I should be feeding earthworms?
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It sort of matters as to which species of worm you are dealing with. However, I’m going to assume you have little red wrigglers (sometimes referred to as mini-redworms, but they are not very “mini”). Most worms will eat the same sorts of food, but the difference may be in the way you feed them. The redworm eat just below the garbage you feed them. You do not have to bury the food (although it helps to decompose the material more quickly). They tend to live near the surface (the top several inches) and will eat any organic gardenie matter (not meat, fish, dairy products). They will also eat moistened grains (oatmeal, rice, etc)…love breads (not sourdough). You can also feed them specifically designed worm food (we carry it but are currently out of stock).
So the easy way is to either feed them the breads and kitchen waste or the commercial worm diet. We do a combination of all of the above.Take care,

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