Indoor Daphnia Cultures

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Is it possible to culture daphnia in side the house ? How.





It is possible. The quantities would be smaller and therefore the work per unit would be greater, but it is possible. You could use any container that you might use out side, but we tend to think that a 5 gallon bucket is the smallest that makes any sort of sense for production. Light and light cycles play a role in daphnia production. No light, no production…too much light does not do any additional good over “the right amount of light.” I would look for a bulb that was daylight corrected. Now days I would look for a compact unit as you would want to burn the bulb about 10-12 hours a day as if the sun was shining. Food is the same pallet of choices that you would consider out of doors. If you can culture green water that would be the preferred food. We used Gerber’s Baby Food (particularly sweet potato and/or peas) with fair results (a little goes a long way)…also “Liquifry” for either egg layers or liverbearers worked fine (again, a little goes a long way).

The biggest challenge will be the water changes that you will need to do to keep conditions ideal for the daphnia. They do very well in fresh water that is low in nitrates and high in greenwater…think first burst of sun after the pond fills up…greenwater bloom, followed by daphnia…the water gets funky, the daphnia die back. If you don’t keep the water quality up, the daphnia will start to lay eggs and your colony will go more-or-less dormant.

So if you can figure a system that solves all of these issues and can scale the production for your space you will be successful.

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