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Subject: Question about Redworms

I have 4 large, 7-10in and growing quickly, spiny eels and am looking for a food culture that can support their huge eating habits. Their going through frozen bloodworms like crazy and its getting pretty expensive. I am seriously thinking of buying a redworm culture, but I have a couple questions.
1) How fast does a culture of redworms multiply?
2) How big do they normally get?
The redworms double the size of the culture every two months under “ideal” conditions. It’s a little slower in the winter and if it’s too hot in the summer. We keep our outside year round and see a little fluctuation in production but not too much. The key to “ideal” is moisture content and food. They eat like crazy when the colony is doing well and if they don’t get fed, well…they don’t grow NOR do they multiply.
They get to about 2 1/2 inches…they are hatched at more like 1/8th of an inch. A healthy colony (and the starters from us) are a mixture of sizes. For our own purposes we harvest the net fully grown ones and let the big ones continue to lay eggs.
If you feed each of the fish 3-4 worms every other day and started a colony of worms today, providing pretty good conditions, you would need about a pound of worms/culture to get you going…by the time you remove some for the feeding, they get settled in and multiply and some die in shipping you would (or should be) self sustaining in about 90ish days. In other words you should be able to harvest those 3-4 every other day “forever.”
Let us know how we can help you.
Take care,
The Bug Farm

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