Dropsy and Vinegar Eels

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Subject: Questions about Vinegar Eels


I live in the UK. I knew nothing about vinegar eels until today. I think I have a fish with dropsy. Are vinegar eels good for health problems and can you use apple cider vinegar as a tonic for fish? I have loads of organic ACV as I take it myself.

I would be grateful for any information you can offer.

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No is the answer to both of the questions. Vinegar Eels do nothing to help a fish other than nutritionally…and then only for very small fish (less than an inch, and usually less than ¼ inch). If fish were to be placed in ACV, the highly acidic environment of ACV would kill fish in short order.

Dropsy is nearly always fatal. Very little is really known about the actual mechanism of dropsy, but it is known that it is a symptom and not actually a cause. So trying to treat it is like trying to apply an aloe product on a red mark on your skin without knowing what caused the problem…it may work and it may not. Not too long ago the San Francisco Aquarium Society invited a local PhD to speak too the group about diseases and dropsy was one of the topics…she is a leading expert and actually performs surgery on larger fish…part or all of the solution she offered to nearly every question was to keep a clean environment and reduce the stress to the fish…after her lecture I went back to my hatchery and examined all my procedures to focus on good health maintenance and preventative care (mostly frequent and very regular water changes) and since then have even been able to get rid of all medication in the shop.

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